Step One: Qualification

MCC consultants offer specialized advice to businesses providing OSHA services affiliated with the medical industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities for consultants will grow by 83 percent by 2018. Employers expect consultants to provide a range of advisory services, from identifying problems to resolving client needs.

Primary Responsibilities

MCC consultants address OSHA & business-related issues for medical facilities and healthcare providers so they can prioritize providing care. They present findings in the form of recommendations to their clients. MCC consultants can also help a doctor or healthcare facility with a range of regulatory issues, such as complying with OSHA State and Federal Regulations. They can even suggest ways that a client can lower exposure to malpractice lawsuits. MCC consultants may develop project plans and strategies in line with a client’s business needs. Consultants who work with healthcare or medical company start-ups, for example, can suggest how to effectively implement compliance programs.


Successful consultants have strong communication skills and are able to identify and resolve problems — often before they occur. They should have and know how to apply industry-specific regulations and guidelines. They should be able to work well on their own, as well as with a team, and know how to conduct and interpret their findings. Consultants should also be familiar with common word-processing and spreadsheet programs, like Microsoft Word and Excel, and with presentation programs, such as PowerPoint.

This is why you purchase a MCC license. We provide you with the training, knowledge, experience, and background to achieve these goals in a very short period of time.

Step Two: Investigation

Some candidates wish to check the market potential of MCC on their own. Since the issue of compliance and potential fines are a sensitive issue with healthcare professionals, we urge you to contact us before starting the process. We can then provide you with the appropriate questions to ask. If you attempt to do this on your own you will most likely hear: “Of course we are in complete compliance, and have no need for your service.” We at MCC are professionals at turning this response into a positive selling situation. Let us help you determine the true value of a MCC partnership in your market.

Step Three: Spend A Day At The Office

After you have qualified, you’ll receive an invitation to visit our office in Los Angeles, California. You and other prospective owners will spend a fast-paced week with the MCC staff. You will learn every detail about why MCC can be an excellent business investment and how our team of experts supports your efforts every step of the way. We will hold one-on-one interviews with you, so you’ll have a chance to become better acquainted and answer all your questions.

Step Four: Select Your Territory And Plan Your Training Agenda

When you have qualified and have been awarded the protected territory for your MCC partnership, your Agreement will then be finalized. You are now ready to move ahead with training, and planning your pre-opening activities.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us as soon as possible and you’ll be on your way to cashing in on the booming health care industry’s surging growth. We look forward to hearing from you!