OSHA Compliance Training

OSHA compliance is mandated by law.  California Medical Compliance offers complete OSHA compliance services custom tailored to the individual needs of your facility and staff. Our goal is to protect your office from OSHA-related issues and complaints while ensuring all staff are protected at all times in the safest work environment possible.

Due to frequent changes in legislation, it is imperative that your office remains compliant and well informed. Prevention of needlesticks and other sharps injuries can be improved, and your office can maintain compliance, through annual training and policy updates. CMC provides the valuable tools needed and mandated by OSHA.

Listed below is an overview of the OSHA Training Course provided by CMC.

Our training will include:

  • Implementation and documentation of the Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan, Cal/OSHA Standard T8-CCR-5193 (OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030)
  • Implementation of Infection Control Policies and Procedures, including CEUs, for required practices
  • Practice-specific Injury and Illness Prevention Program (T8-CCR-3203)
  • Implementation of Aerosol Transmissible Disease Program (T8-CCR-5199)
  • Annual training documented for at-risk employees
  • Your facility’s hepatitis B program
  • Personal Protective Equipment that is used and how to acquire it
  • The post-exposure evaluation and follow-up procedures
  • Implementation and documentation of written Hazard Communication Plan (T8-CCR-5194)
  • Training in the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for Chemical Labels and Safety Data Sheets
  • Implementation of Emergency Fire Prevention and Action Plan
  • Implementation of practice-specific written Biomedical Waste Plan
  • Decontamination schedule and all protocols implemented

In addition, CMC will provide your company with updates on relevant compliance law changes, provide future retrains at a discounted price, and be available to you on an as-needed basis throughout the year (to assist you with needlesticks, OSHA inspections, etc).  Live and recorded webinars are available at a nominal fee.

For further details, call California Medical Compliance at:
310-890-5119  or  702-220-8621

Email us at info@calmedcompliance.com