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OSHA Compliance and Infection Control Specialists

OSHA compliance may be ignored if you are absolutely sure you will never have to deal with a complaint by an employee/ex-employee, a lawsuit from a disgruntled patient, or an inspector with an hour to kill after fining a non-compliant office.

California Medical Compliance provides your company with the policies and training necessary to meet Cal/OSHA requirements. This process begins with a complimentary, no-obligation, mock OSHA inspection of your facility.  Our team member will identify any compliance deficiencies and will provide a plan to address them.  CMC will train all employees on written procedures and will provide proper documentation needed for OSHA inspections. We also offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to qualified dental employees.

Customized training sessions designed to meet all current Cal/OSHA requirements may be scheduled at times most convenient for you.  Once the process is completed, your company’s work force will be fully trained and compliant with all safety standards. A comprehensive safety manual will also be provided for easy reference.

What’s more, CMC will provide your company on-going updates on relevant law changes (such as ATD and GHS), discounts on annual training sessions, and support throughout the year with needlestick protocols and procedures, OSHA inspections, et cetera. For further convenience, we offer on-line supplemental or interim training for new employees.

Additional services offered by California Medical Compliance include guidance and training on mandatory infection control requirements. The program includes: CEUs, facility audits, employee interviews on infection control practices, and a customized infection control manual. We are certified by the Dental Board of California and the Nevada Dental Board to provide 2 hours of Infection Control CEUs to all Dentists and qualified dental employees.  This is good news for dental practices since employees will not have to go off-site! As always, we offer on-going support, relieving your uncertainty when addressing OSHA or infection control policies and procedures.

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